AR500 3/8" Steel Silhouette Target 13" x 7" Free Shipping

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All steel is AR500 3/8 inch made in the USA and certified a Brinell hardness of at least 500. Targets have two 3/8 diameter holes for hanging the targets. Targets are cut using a CNC plasma cutter. Minimum rifle distance from target-100 yards. For muzzle velocities 3000 FPS or higher (including .223) increased distance of 200 yards is recommended to minimize target damage. Magnum calibers and muzzle velocities over 3400 FPS- 300-400 yards is recommended. Long range cartridges and the .50 cal are not recommended. Minimum recommended pistol distance from target 15 yards. The targets are a raw steel target that you can paint any color you want to make them easier to see. Hanging the target face pointed slightly downward will help direct bullet splatter down and reduce the risk of injury. WARNINGS: Shooting steel targets can be dangerous, there is always a chance of ricochet! Always wear safety glasses, and appropriate clothing. Bullet fragments can be directed towards shooters or spectators. Never shoot steel core, bi-metal, armor piercing, or other hardened ammo at any steel target.Never use ammunition that travels below 750 fps. Ammunition that travels over 3000 fps may cause target damage. Always stand at least 100 yards from the target when using rifle calibers. Always stand at least 15 yards from the target when using handgun calibers. Do not shoot at any target that is damaged in any way. Use steel targets at your own risk.
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